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        Welcome Wendeng source Crankshaft Co., Ltd. Tel 0631 -8080188 Fax :0631 -8080188, please raise your comments and suggestions. Our company is the Chinese new generation of crankshaft crankshaft industry specialized manufacturers, products widely used in heavy trucks, construction vehicles, buses, generators, ships, etc., please consult

        Wendeng Tianyuan Crankshaft Co., Ltd.

        AD:No. 96-2, Zhuhai Road, Wendeng, Shandong





        Company Profile

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        Wendeng Tianyuan Crankshaft Co., Ltd., a new emerging crankshaft manufacturer of engineer crankshafts for middle and heavy trucks, engages in the R & D and production of such auto parts crankshafts as EuropeⅡand EuropeⅢ motor crankshafts with high technology and high value. The company boasts its senior engineers on crankshaft research, design and production, celebrities in the industry, skilled workers, talents on development, production, technology, crafts, marketing and management and rich production experience. Tianyuan Crankshafts, combining  other factories’ good quality into its own unique superiority, are featured by stable quality, reliable performance and first-class quality. At present, the company has dozens of domestic advanced CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, milling machines, etc., with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 engineer crankshafts for all models of heavy trucks and the improving market share. The company has won all customers’ praises and been honored as “Civilized & Creditable Private Enterprise” and “Municipal Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”.
        With more than 30 staff including over 10 technicians, one main production line and complete quality control system, marketing network and after-sales service system, the company mainly produces DEUTZ (Dalian), Xichai 6110, 6113 series, Weichai, Sino Truck 615, 618 and P12 series and Weichai Huafeng R6105 series forged steel and nodular cast iron crankshafts.
        The company has passed the authentication of Weichai Huafeng, Anhui Tianli, Weifang Huayuan, Boling diesel engineer, etc., establishing long term partnerships with them, and will pass the certification of ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System.
        The company produces crankshafts and provides after-sales service in strict accordance with the standard of JB/T6727-2000 Internal Combustion Engineer Crankshaft Technical Condition.
        In the coming three years, with the strategy of “Build Factory by Technology”, the company will carry out the strategy of main engineer mating, build three network systems of maintenance, export and main engineer mating, and introduce world-advanced quality systems, technical outfits and build quick reaction mechanism. With advanced technologies, quality products, perfect after-sales services and reasonable price, the company strives to be a modern, international and competitive enterprise. In 2011, the company will realize the goal of producing over 20,000 pieces of heavy truck crankshafts to assure the constant and quick increase of main business. The company gives full play to its advantage of technology, quality and cost and improves its R&D and competitive abilities, to achieve the harmony of enterprise, staff, customers and shareholders for a beautiful life!
        Business Philosophy: Faithful, Innovative, Win-win
        Motivation by Tianyuan, Development by Quality & Service
        Technology Guided, Create a First-class Enterprise! People Oriented, Produce First-class Products!
        “Improve and Perfect to Meet Customer Demands with Quality Products and Perfect Service” is our unremitting pursuit.
        The company is located in Wendeng, a coastal city in eastern Shandong Peninsular, enjoying abundant resources, convenient traffic and superior investment environment.
        In the ways of capital, technology and production, we sincerely hope to cooperate with all customers to develop automobile parts markets and create a bright future jointly!

        Copyright:Wendeng Tianyuan Crankshaft Co., Ltd.
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        Address:No. 96-2, Zhuhai Road, Wendeng, Shandong  Phone:+86-631-8080199  Fax:+86-631-8080188  E-mail:wangcj_2009@126.com