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        Welcome Wendeng source Crankshaft Co., Ltd. Tel 0631 -8080188 Fax :0631 -8080188, please raise your comments and suggestions. Our company is the Chinese new generation of crankshaft crankshaft industry specialized manufacturers, products widely used in heavy trucks, construction vehicles, buses, generators, ships, etc., please consult

        Wendeng Tianyuan Crankshaft Co., Ltd.

        AD:No. 96-2, Zhuhai Road, Wendeng, Shandong





        Technical support

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        1. crankshaft, bearing, the selection of lubricating oil and other problems to solve.
        2. installation, use the matters needing attention.
        3. according to the special requirements of users or the provision of the shaft, for surveying and mapping, design, manufacture.


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